Painted Screens

Painted Japanese screens
These days, gallery walls are all the rage, but do you want something that everyone else on Pinterest is raving about? Of course not! You’re an individual with a vintage style all your own.

To celebrate your unique style, look for wall hangings that don’t prescribe to what’s popular now. Decorating your home in what’s in fashionable will go out of fashion and might quickly.

Painted Japanese screens and Turkish wall tapestries will highlight your sense of adventure and show your appreciation for art. Screens and tapestries mean so much more than a few custom-framed art prints.…

Nelson Bubble Lamp

Nelson Bubble Lamp
What’s a well-decorated room without a few well-placed light fixtures? What people fail to realize is that light fixtures play just as an important a role as the other furnishings in the space. To keep your space looking cool and feeling smart, look for vintage light fixtures like the Nelson Bubble Lamp sold at retailers like Lumens.

Originally designed in 1945, the George Nelson Bubble Lamp’s history has been one of art, originality and success. Having the right light fixture in your home is equal to having a beautiful sculptural artwork—only the light fixture is functional AND exceptional.…