Old Dresser Refurbished and Bathroom Vanity

Old Dresser Refurbished and Bathroom Vanity
As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to use a piece of furniture for its originally intended purpose. You have the option to modify your furnishings to better fit the aesthetic of your home and your lifestyle.

Dressers aren’t for storing clothes in the bedroom closet any longer. As Better Homes & Gardens points out, “with its flat top surface and handy drawers for storage, dressers large to small make themselves at home in several unexpected places.” Take the bathroom for instance. You can customize a dresser to work as a bathroom vanity instead of going with the typical builder-grade vanity. A bathroom dresser vanity will provide you with more counter space and storage as well as make the bathroom a more interesting space to use.

How many of your friends have dressers in their bathrooms? Don’t be afraid to be the first!

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