Ways to Outfit Your Space with Vintage Charm

You take pride in your work, your relationships and your appearance. You believe that to do good, be good and create good; Also, you need to know what looks good. How can you feel happy about your life if your environment is left wanting?

Too often, we ignore the design of the interiors of our homes because we feel guilty spending money that we think can and should go elsewhere.

But ask yourself this: Why do you work? Surely you have more reasons for working every day than trying to pay back student loans. You shouldn’t feel bad for wanting to spruce up your living space. Your home is where you spend your down time; it’s where you binge on Netflix, host gatherings and raise your family. Your home is where you can rest easy and be your absolute authentic self. So really, why wouldn’t you want to dress up your home in your favorite style aesthetic?

For vintage lovers, finding the perfect décor item means scavenging showroom floors and antique dealer warehouses. Though you want your home to have a vintage flavor, you might not know what type of items you need to accomplish this goal. Fear not: this list will tell you.

Here are 10 items you need to pull off a charmingly vintage home!

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